What is the Truth About the Legality of Kratom in Georgia?

What is the Truth About the Legality of Kratom in Georgia?

Because of the popularity of kratom, many people find it confusing to understand the legal issues of kratom in many states. Due to the proliferation of misleading news, it is about time to set the record set about the legal problems of kratom in Georgia.

The Drug Enforcement Administration classified kratom as a scheduled substance, like heroin. Moreover, the Food and Drug Administration is considering banning kratom. It bases its decision on data collected from hospitals.

But, they cannot find a reliable link between kratom consumption and its adverse effects. Thus, the government cannot outlaw it for now. Still, some states classified it as a food substance.

Current Legal Status of Kratom in Georgia

Kratom is still a legal substance as of February 2019. The state of Georgia is encouraging researchers to take an active part in finding out about how users benefit from kratom use. Moreover, it allocated funds for academic kratom research on how it affects users in the community.

The kratom user community sees it as a positive development in its move to push for kratom legalization in the USA. Moreover, users rallied together in Georgia to show that they are now leading healthy lives because of kratom.

Data about kratom drug overdose don’t prove that it is responsible for the adverse side effects. As such, it is about time to conduct a scientific study of the kratom users’ cause of deaths instead of banning kratom altogether.

Because of the community’s plea, legislators in Georgia heeded its call and removed kratom from the list of scheduled substances. Moreover, they passed three bills that directed the creation of a committee. The committee will study the pharmacological effects of kratom and its potential uses.

Kratom Trade Association Willing to Work with Georgia Lawmakers

The Georgia General Assembly is set to conduct a committee meeting on kratom. Thus, the Kratom Trade Association said that it is willing to work with state lawmakers to resolve the kratom concerns. It is an organization of retailers, distributors, and manufacturers of kratom.

It contacted important Georgia lawmakers to tell them that the industry is willing to work with them. A study committee scheduled a hearing on December 28, 2018, about the risks associated with kratom.

What is the Truth About the Legality of Kratom in Georgia?

According to Eduardo Brambila, KTA organizer, kratom has been used for decades in Georgia and the United States. Kratom users safely use it every day. The organization said that there is no legal, scientific, or medical reason to prohibit the sale, distribution, or consumption of kratom based on data available.

Kratom Trade Association is encouraging Georgia lawmakers to review the available facts. Studies about kratom show that it has benefits and low abuse potential. Moreover, Thailand legalized kratom, so recent developments indicate that it now has wider acceptance.

The association is thankful that kratom users in Georgia have spoken about the issue. However, it points out that most of the problems of the lawmakers are about the retail, distribution, and manufacturing of kratom. Thus, it urges them to include the trade group in resolving the issues.

The Kratom Trade Association supports state action. It is willing to work with state regulators and local businesses to ensure the resolution of all issues about kratom use. It wants to offer resources and guidance to lawmakers to ensure that they understand the issues well.

According to Brambila, the association favors prohibiting and banning all adulterated kratom formulations. It supports the use and sale of natural kratom products. It is willing to work with lawmakers to ensure that an effective regulatory system is in place.

The organization is pushing for age restrictions on the sale and use of natural kratom. It supports the limited access to kratom. According to Brambila, kratom must only be available to adults.

Moreover, the Kratom Trade Association supports the state lawmakers’ move to set labeling requirements. It already has labeling guidelines, so it can work with Georgia authorities to address these requirements.

Georgia is a significant hub of the US kratom industry. Thus, Kratom Trade Association welcomes the move of the lawmakers to conduct further study on the benefits and effects of the use of kratom in Georgia. It is hoping that it will legalize the use of kratom in the state and pave the way for other states to legalize it too.

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