What are Liquid Kratom Shots and why Users Chose this Product

What are Liquid Kratom Shots and why Users Chose this Product

The liquid kratom shots is a new way to experience all the benefits of the kratom.

A lot if users affirmed that the shot is more effective than the capsule, powder, or even a raw leaf.

Tracing the Background of the Liquid Kratom Shots

This product is derived from the extract of kratom leaves.  It takes a lot of leaves to formulate a concentrated shot. Hence, this product is deemed to be more effective than the pure powder or raw leaves.

Only premium leaves are processed to make a kratom extract or shot.

The process is simple. First, the leaves are finely crushed and then placed in alcohol. The number of leaves and the quantity of alcohol depends on the dose that you want.

If you are interested in trying this product, consider the following recommended dosage first.

Recommended Dose of Kratom Shots to Avoid Adverse Effects

The standard size of the kratom shot you can order online is 15 ml. The mode of intake of this product is through a dropper.

  • Half Shot. If you are a newbie, make sure to take this product only half of the dropper. This dose will ensure that your body will not experience difficulty on the drastic infuse of the kratom’s active alkaloids.
  • Threshold. The normal dose of taking this product is one dropper a day. This dosage will provide you the peak of energy that you need throughout the day.
  • Strong Dose. When you want to take the kratom shot in a stronger dose, you can proceed with two droppers a day. Although this will cause a notable lift to your body and mind, this quantity is known to constitute adverse effects such as sedation.

What Influences the Duration of the Kratom’s Effects on the Body

What are Liquid Kratom Shots and why Users Chose this Product

Although kratom is a potent alternative plant, the duration of its effects still depends on the user. You’ll read here the factors that contribute to the length of the effects of kratom to the body.

  • Body Fat. The Mitragynine, one of the active alkaloids, is soluble in fat. Hence, if you got thick fat deposits in your body, the chance is you will experience the benefits of the strain for a more extended period. Meanwhile, people with less fat reserves would quickly excrete the beneficial alkaloid that will turn the body back to its weak state.
  • Age. This is also another determinant on the prolongment of the effects of kratom. Surprisingly, older people would experience the benefits of strain much longer than the young ones. The reason is that old people need a longer time to eliminate all the medicines that they take (this includes kratom).

On the other hand, younger people who have healthy renal function would only experience the benefits for a while before their body eliminates the beneficial alkaloids.

  • Genetics. Based on research, the duration of stay of the effects of this plant will dramatically depend on the person’s genetic makeup. To note, there are specific genetic enzymes found in humans that helps the quick elimination of the alkaloids.
  • Water and Food. If you take any kratom products with your meal, there’s a big chance that you will immediately experience the peak of positive benefits. Also, when you take plenty of water, the absorption of the alkaloids will speed up.

How to Determine if the Body has Traces of Kratom

If you are new to kratom, you would also want to know if a drug test will detect the trace of this plant. Fortunately, the chemicals of this plant are not detectable in a drug test. Even the standard SAMHSA-5 test is not capable of tracing the alkaloids.

However, some of the alkaloids may be traced on some examinations. According to experts, a person who used a kratom over a week will be marked positive of traced chemicals on a urine test.

Another conclusive way to tell if someone is using a strain is through blood tests. Aside from identifying the contents, the blood test will also determine the concentration level of alkaloid and the presence of other metabolites.

Indeed, if you are new to kratom, you must do research. Make sure that you study the gains of using the liquid kratom shots.

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