The Therapeutic Effect of Kratom and Gabapentin in the Human Body

The Therapeutic Effect of Kratom and Gabapentin in the Human Body

The use of kratom has been increasing these days. Due to its many benefits, a lot of people prefer to consume this because of its added benefits.

Furthermore, the leaves have its bitter taste and have psychoactive opioid components which offer positive effects on the general well-being. It acts as a stimulant, analgesic, mood booster and anxiolytic since it contains the alkaloid mitragynine.

The substance works on the mu, delta, and kappa receptors of the opiate drug producing its effects. In the past, it was used purely as herbal remedies, but recently, it is more of a recreational substance.

Some countries have legalized kratom consumption while others have prohibited its use.

Does Gabapentin Work Positively in the Person’s Body?

The Therapeutic Effect of Kratom and Gabapentin in the Human Body

Gabapentin, on the other hand, is an anticonvulsant medication. It acts primarily on the central nervous system by creating a blockage in the calcium ion channels. These channels regulate the Calcium +2 ion influxes during the depolarization of the neuronal membrane.

Thus, it helps in controlling seizures and some nerve pain. Additionally, it raises the synthesis of GABA neurotransmitter.

In fact, high contents of this component alleviate the withdrawal symptoms of opiate while deficiency of this results in anxiety and stress.  Therefore, taking this can treat seizure disorders, neuropathic pain, muscle pain, and nerve pain.

Does Kratom Potentiate the Effect of Gabapentin on Humans?

These two substances have different therapeutic levels in the body, yet, they manage to produce a similar effect. Both of them synergistically minimize withdrawal symptoms and have the same analgesic effect. Furthermore, they relieve stress, depression, and anxiety.

Although the mechanism is still unknown, it is therefore concluded that kratom potentiates gabapentin. This action mainly involves by attaching kratom agents to Mu receptors, Kappa receptors, and delta receptors.

These receptors lessen the severity of the opiate withdrawal. Thereby, bringing the receptors back to its normal condition by thoroughly soothing them.

Gabapentin also helps reduce the urge of opiate intake which occurs in the later stage of withdrawal.

Connecting the Possible Interaction Between Kratom and Gabapentin

The effects of these two agents are intensely monitored because dosage may somehow produce negative effects.

Although some groups claim that there is no adverse interaction between the two, others believed that an increased dose of gabapentin enhances the effect of kratom. It can either make one substance becomes too high or too much sedation.

You must remember that greater dosages can cause exponentially high tolerance levels on both substances. If you wish to consume these two together, you should be very careful in choosing the amount of dosage.

In some instances, a more massive dose of gabapentin can make you feel weak and lethargic.

While it is considered to have safe effects once taken, still it is best to know what dosage is best for you.  Keep in mind that you must avoid taking these two together for recreational sake.

Instead, only use this once there are some withdrawal symptoms or with chronic pain due to neuralgia, cancer, trauma, surgery, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoarthritis.

The Different Interaction of Mixing Kratom and Gabapentin

Some people use these two components together to get the desired therapeutic effect.

Firstly, they take gabapentin to relieve shooting pain caused by abnormal nerve activities, and kratom is used for muscle pain. They are effective in alleviating painful sensation under lower dosage.

Secondly, some medical experts prescribe such combination when patients have seizure disorders and at the same time have severe muscle pain. There is no adverse reaction between the two and bring the best effect of each other to reduce the signs and symptoms of such condition.

Some reviews claim that gabapentin decreases vertigo, weakness, muscle spasms, jerking, and pain while kratom effectively blocks pain receptors.

Therefore, there is no evidence that when mixing these agents can negatively affect the body. Remember that there is no untoward reaction if you take both.

Lastly, it brings out the best from each other and synergistically helps to relieve symptoms of such diseases. There’s no reason that you will be worried once you take two, only note to consume this at the desired level only because too much is harmful in the body.

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