Review of the Wicked Kratom Store: What They Can Offer

It is always good to know what Wicked Kratom is and what they can offer. Even if you are a first-time kratom user, you need to know where to find good, quality kratom to consume. If you are the type who is into a good kratom, you might’ve heard of Wicked Kratom before.

Wicked Kratom is a store that offers kratom in capsules, powders, and tea. They also offer other things such as bath bombs and tinctures. Here, we are going to take a look at Wicket Kratom and what they can offer.

The Basics of Wicked Kratom and Its New Name

People like to call the place “Wicked Kratom” for short. That’s because this is the name they are more familiar with. You see, Wicked Kratom is now under a new name. Today, it’s called “Wicked Tea Company.” Regardless of the name change, they still offer the same kratom products they have always given out to their customers.

Maintaining Relationships with Customers

Wicked Tea does its best to maintain a good relationship with their customers. This has been a hallmark of theirs even when they were under the old Wicked Kratom name.

When there was a batch of their products tainted with metal, they sent out warnings to customers about it. They urged their customers to contact them if ever they found these metal bits in the kratom they bought.

They make sure to have customers keep coming back. They value their customer’s privacy and do their best not to disclose any information about them.

Contacting Wicked Tea is simple. You can contact them through these methods:

  • Their branches’ phone numbers
  • The cell phone number found on their website
  • It’s email –

Their branches have phone numbers that you can contact during business hours. But, they do like to check their email on a regular basis. Sending an email is your best bet to get a fast reply from them.

Wicked Tea Company’s Sample Packs and Products

Review of the Wicked Kratom Store: What They Can Offer 1

If you are a first-time user of kratom, it is recommended that you start off with a sample pack of kratom strains. Many kratom vendors offer these packs, and so does Wicked Tea Company.

On their website, you can find them offering their own set of starter packs for you to choose from. These sample packs are to help beginners figure out if kratom is for them or not.

Their website lets you see what strains you can get and see what benefits they can offer. When you scroll through their product page, you will get to see their colorful names.

Many customers like to note on how creative Wicked Tea can get with naming their products. Here are a few of the note-worthy names they gave to their teas and strains:

  • Red Buddha
  • Green Elephant
  • Flying Monkey
  • Red Chocolate
  • Confetti Blend

Customers like the different flavors of the Wicked Kratom’s products. Their powders don’t smell bitter like regular kratom. Even with these additives, users mentioned experiencing the following benefits:

  • Relaxed feeling
  • Mild alertness
  • Boost in positive mood
  • Enhanced vision

Wicked Tea Company’s Product Prices and Coupon Codes

Many customers do feel elevated after taking some kratom from Wicked Tea. Some of them do think that Wicked Tea has a higher price range than other kratom vendors. They have kratom sample packs that can cost up to $25. Their 6-oz sampler can go up to as high as $50.

Wicked Tea Company does give coupon codes for you to use on your next purchase. It is wise that you should keep your coupon codes if you ever think of going back to them again.

Final Thoughts About Wicked Tea Company and Their Services

It is crystal clear that Wicked Tea Co. is a company that strives to be the very best in giving people a chance at enjoying kratom. Not only do they give a variety of quality kratom products, but they also look out for their customers. They not only offer their customers quality stuff but also a good experience in kratom consumption too. You can head on over to Wicked Kratom or Wicked Tea Company for your next trip to find some good kratom products.

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