Possible Answers to the Question, “What is the Strongest Kratom?”

Possible Answers to the Question, “What is the Strongest Kratom?”

You may have discovered that there are myriads of kratom strains available in the market. Thus, you often ask, “What is the strongest kratom?”

What is the Strongest Kratom for Your Needs?

Sedating Effects

  •    Red Bali

Red Bali has a high concentration of 7-hydroxymitragynine, an alkaloid famous for its sedating properties. You will discover that you fall asleep quickly after taking it. Also, you wake up the following morning entirely rested.

If you want mild sedation only, you can try the red vein Borneo.

  •    White Indo

The white Indo is similar to Maeng Da in benefits. However, while Maeng Da produces euphoria and pain relieving properties, white Indo can cause sedation and pain relief.

Stimulating Benefits

  •    White Vein or Ultra Enhanced Maeng Da

This variety boosts your energy and reduces your fatigue. If you need a quick energy kick, you can opt for the ultra-enhanced Maeng Da kratom. However, you must not abuse it as you can quickly build up a tolerance to it.

  •    Green Malay

You can use green Malay for your pain relief and sleep problems because it also has sedative properties. Moreover, you can feel a burst of energy every time you use it because it reduces your depression and anxiety levels.

  •    Thai

The Thai strain is one of the most potent strains that boost your energy levels. It contains the most mitragynine among all other strains.

Uplifting Effects

Possible Answers to the Question, “What is the Strongest Kratom?”

  •    Green Malay

If you need motivation, you can use green Malay. Although some may prefer the Maeng Da or the Bali kratom for their uplifting needs, the green Malay is still the most potent.

Analgesic Properties

Any kratom with an excellent concentration of 7-hydroxymitragynine is the best analgesic. It is even stronger than morphine.

  •    Red Bali

Red Bali is famous for its pain relieving properties. But, if you only have mild aches, you can use the other strains like the Indo or Maeng Da. You can reserve red Bali for your most intense pain.

  •    White Bali

White Bali also has high 7-hydroxymitragynine content. It works by altering the pathway of pain and enhancing the production of endorphins and enkephalins to increase the analgesic effects.

  •    Borneo Kratom

If you have arthritis or some form of cancer, you can use the Borneo strain to relieve you of your recurring pain. It is also ideal for panic and anxiety attacks because it gives you a sense of comfort and relaxation. However, you must use it with caution because it can cause sedation.

  •    Red Sumatra

The red Sumatra is similar to Bali and Maeng Da strains. But, it is not as popular as the two strains. It produces immense pain relief and other benefits like providing restful sleep, reducing anxiety levels, and excellent overall experience.

  •    Red Indo

Red Indo has similar effects as Tylenol. However, it is not addicting. Most users prefer this strain for the relief of their chronic pain.

It produces sedating properties, but you do not feel any lethargy. You can still finish your daily tasks while even under the effects of the red Indo.

Euphoric Sensation

  •    Maeng Da

The Maeng Da is popular because it has 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine. It can provide a high euphoric sensation and pain relief. Also, you can gain a boost of energy from taking it.

  •    Red Bali

If you want enhanced euphoria, you can use the red Bali strain. Furthermore, it relaxes both your body and mind. You can use it to kick yourself out of anxiety and depression.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Strongest Kratom Strains

  •    Maeng Da


  1.    Pain relief
  2.    Euphoria
  3.    Energy


  1.    Anxiety Attacks
  •    Indo Kratom


  1.    Pain Relief
  2.    Long Lasting
  3.    Euphoria
  4.    Stress and Anxiety Relief


  1.    Sedation
  •    Borneo Strain


  1.    Euphoria
  2.    Pain Relief
  3.    Sense of Well-being
  4.    Stress and Anxiety Relief


  1.    Sedation

It is normal to ask questions because you want to know the answers. You are on the right track if you ask many queries about kratom and its benefits.

The most common question, “What is the strongest kratom?” is difficult to answer because it depends on how your body will react to a strain. Although there is a long list of the most potent kratom strain, the best way for you is to try each strain.

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