Kratom for Anxiety: The Most Common Kratom Strains Used

Kratom for Anxiety: The Most Common Kratom Strains Used

The Kratom plant is originated in Southeast Asia where people enjoy the lasting benefits that find a cure in any of the medical conditions such as chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and others. In fact, there are various strains which can help cure anxiety to people who are anxious or extremely anxious.

Firstly, the Borneo Kratom is considered the best among its strains because it contains high alkaloid content which is the 7 Hydroxymitragynine at the same time it also has lower levels of mitragynine. These combinations give the capacity to obtain relief from anxiety. Aside from that, some claimed that it produces a lesser negative reaction. Thus it is safe to drink or use it every day.

Secondly, Indo Kratom is somehow cheaper than the latter, and it is also popular these days because of its effectiveness. It is very effective as an anxiety reliever and also produces a sedative effect. However, there is only one negative effect of this type, it gives nausea and wobbles to those who take it.

Experts linked this untoward reaction to those who take it above the recommended dosage. Therefore, it is better to take it with caution and avoid overdosing this kind of strain in order to avoid a negative effect.

Thirdly, Bali Kratom is the most common among the strains for it can be purchased in less expensive amount. It can give sedative and anti-anxiety effect to those who are taking this. Unlike any other types which are very much expensive, this kind is economical that is why the majority of buyers online and offline prefer this

Fourthly, the Red Veins is considered the best for anxiety relief because it has higher levels of pain killing contents. Aside from that it also rich in alkaloids which produce sedative effect thus achieving the relaxing state of mind. However, there are types of this one that is stimulating which can trigger other responses in the body, so it is better to ask for a professional advice before you take this in order to avoid any negative reaction.

Overall, all of the strains can give relief to anxiety. Although there are others produces a mild effect, some of these may have effective benefits which can decrease anxiety feelings.

The Major Reason Why Kratom Is Used for Anxiety Disorders

Kratom for Anxiety: The Most Common Kratom Strains Used

Some experts believed that this plant or most commonly known as Mitragyna Speciosa is considered as a psychoactive plant. Some people perform scientific research concerning this they found out potential elements which can have the therapeutic effect on humans. Although there is no substantial evidence based on the claim of other users that it can treat chronic pain, scientists somehow know that it has contents that can be beneficial.

According to the result they have conducted recently, this plant contains an opioid-like substance. This is the reason why it gives sedative effects and anti-anxiety to those who are suffering from panic disorders, anxiety conditions, and other mental disorders. Additionally, like any opioid medications, it can also increase or enhances the mood of a person.

Some boost the energy levels. However, they also discovered that any excess of dosage would also give opioid withdrawal symptoms or otherwise known as negative effects similar to heroin and other opioid drugs.

The Legalities and Illegalities of Kratom for Anxiety  

The Food and Drug Administration in the US warn people regarding its usage. This is because there are victims of this that are suffering from extreme withdrawal which cause shock and death. They have gathered plenty of evidence concerning the death rates reported anywhere in the states.

This is the reason why the federal officials issued a warning and considered kratom as a Schedule 1 drug. Meaning to say that it has the potential to give risk to one’s health at the same time threat for a drug overdose. They already disseminate a public advisory both online and offline concerning this and some states immediately respond to its precautionary actions by banning the selling and using kratom.

Just think this way, Kratom is like marijuana which is prohibited in many parts of the country such as New Jersey, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. However, it is not as dangerous as Marijuana. It has a lot of benefits and is considered as the best herbal remedy to treat anxiety.

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