Kratom Dosage Chart: The Definitive Dosage Safety Guidelines

Kratom Dosage Chart: The Definitive Dosage Safety Guidelines

Kratom is one of the most potent herbal supplements currently available in the market today, which is also partly why it has gained quite the popularity among the herbal fanatics. It has quickly grown and developed its very own substantial loyal customer base that are currently in a heated legal battle for it to be regulated rather than being outright banned. This sparked controversy though is no surprise as its near opioid-like properties are what caused it be under so much pressure being called out as a potential substance of self-destructive nature.

This though cannot be even farther from the truth as evidence of people using kratom and its history in Southeast Asia has seen it used as an herbal supplement rather than abusive. The claims of it being bad are taken to the extremes when in fact the benefits far outweigh the risks carried by this leaf of faith. It is capable of so much and to see be taken away is bad, which is why we have prepared a kratom dosage chart to ensure your safety whenever you use kratom.

How Dosage Alter the Effectiveness of Kratom Intake?

Kratom Dosage Chart: The Definitive Dosage Safety Guidelines

One major flaw in everyone’s kratom experience is how most kratom users don’t look at how substantial dosage can quickly change their kratom product’s effectiveness in one click. With just a meager increase of 1 gram a flurry of things could change for your experience in a matter of seconds and among are the following things that get heavily affected by this change:

    • Duration, whenever you increase your dosage the duration of your effects last a substantial amount longer than the usual and can even increase by twofold! A simple 3-5 hour Red Vein Kratom Strain can easily turn into a 10-hour sedative if you up your kratom intake by merely 2 grams.
    • Kick Start of Effects, it usually takes at around 10-30 minutes before you start feeling any noticeable changes or effects to take place after you ingest your kratom product. But by the simple increase of 1 gram, this can happen in a matter of 5 minutes to have the effects set off which can be quite the surprise and equally as dangerous for newbies.
    • Potency, whether it be sedative, analgesic, euphoric, or anti-depressant the benefits you paid for will see a drastic increase and it will nearly feel almost heaven-like in most cases.  This can prove to be very alarming for any veteran or newbie alike as the increases in potency might not be as welcomed by the body, which could lead to serious damage.

  • Withdrawal, higher dosage means a better feeling and a better feeling will ultimately lead to irresponsible use if you keep chasing after that legal-high from increased dosage. This, in turn, will make the withdrawal and break periods you need to take away from kratom all the more dreading, hard, and painful on you, your body, and well-being.

What is the Safest Kratom Dosage Chart You Can Follow?

All of these scary effects though can be easily countered with responsible use and all you really have to do is regulate the dosage of your kratom intake with this kratom dosage chart worry-free. If you follow the dosage given below, then you are well on your way to having the best and safest kratom experience of your life:

  • 1 gram: this is by far for the beginners as following this dosage will feel stimulating and boosting which is subtle but still quite noticeable
  • 1-2 grams: depending on the kratom strain you will definitely be able to feel the mild stimulating and boosting effects of your kratom
  • 2-4 grams: this is the average level where most kratom users find their sweet spot as this can bring about the moderate level of effects of the product you are using
  • 3-6 grams: depending on the kratom strain this is quite strong and you are to feel the heightened potency of effects from your kratom product.
  • 5-8 grams: this is by far the strongest and still safe dosage, everything you feel here can be characterized as very strong – all of the properties will be at their peak.

If you follow this kratom dosage chart then you will be guaranteed to be safe and far from the dangerous symptoms and painful periods of withdrawal. With responsible use, you can help show the world just how safe and effective kratom can actually be and prove wrong the false claims media is making.

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