Kratom and Pregnancy: Is it Safe for the Mother and the Baby?

Kratom and Pregnancy: Is it Safe for the Mother and the Baby?

The use of Kratom has been widespread because of its effects on the body. Men, women, and all other sexual orientations can use Kratom if they wish to, as long as it is legal in their country.

But putting that aside, another concern might arise from the use of Kratom during pregnancy. While it is relatively safe for men and women who are not pregnant, the thought of indulging in substances like Kratom poses a certain risk.

It has been a common concern for soon-to-be mothers to be careful with their meals during the nine-month wait. But what if these pregnant women use Kratom for medical purposes? How about them?

Well, this article will talk about Kratom and pregnancy and if it does affect the baby.

Kratom and Pregnancy Dilemma

Kratom and Pregnancy: Is it Safe for the Mother and the Baby?

It is considered a must for soon-to-be mothers to be careful with their consumption during the pregnancy. Everything that they eat affects the fetus. That’s the reason why doctors limit pregnant women in using the following:

  • skin care products
  • some drugs
  • some food
  • drug alternatives

But, the million dollar question is: “Will it affect the baby during pregnancy?” The answer is inconclusive. The medical field hasn’t discovered that part yet.

This issue has not been widely studied, and it leaves pregnant mothers who use Kratom at a hanging edge. The lack of study makes it hard for doctors to decide whether or not to allow pregnant women to continue to use Kratom during the pregnancy.

So, how do you become safe? The answer is to consult your doctor. Always aim for professional advice on this. If the doctor disagrees, the doctor’s opinion is of paramount importance.

But, should the doctor encourage you to temporarily discontinue using Kratom, make sure that you stop gradually. You would not want withdrawal symptoms.

Safety of Kratom During Pregnancy

The explanation for its protection during pregnancy is unknown. The reason for it not being safe is not yet proven. But since other drugs are also prohibited during pregnancy, it is but fair to say that Kratom may pose a threat to the fetus.

Some people say that the alkaloids in Kratom affect the growth and development of the fetus. Though studies about this issue are scarce, it is hard to conclude to that matter.

Now, should you use it while pregnant? Or should your wife, sister, or friend use it while pregnant? The answer, to be safe, is no. Pregnancy itself is a risk for the mother. Aim to reduce the risk.

The Possibility of a Miscarriage

It’s heartbreaking for a mother to have a miscarriage. Using Kratom may increase the risk of pregnant women to experience a miscarriage.

There are a lot of factors that may cause a miscarriage. Some say the influence of drug use causes miscarriage. Indeed, the use of Kratom may increase the risk of a miscarriage.

Though there is no scientific and medical consensus to that fact, it leaves a reason to worry. Aside from that, Kratom may have toxic effects to the fetus’ developing organs especially the liver and the kidney.

Since Kratom is also known for its opioid-like effects but with lesser side effects, it is believed that it might cause congenital disabilities like anencephaly.

When ingested, Kratom enters the bloodstream and creates mind-altering effects on the mother. But since the baby is connected to the mother, the kratom will also enter the baby’s system, and it may cause danger to the developing organs.

Should a Pregnant Woman Use Kratom?

The safest answer is no. There are no scientific and medical studies and evidence that say that it is safe or not safe. The lack of focus in this area of medicine even makes the risk higher.

If you are a pregnant woman and you’re reading this, don’t use kratom for now. If you’re using it and you, later on, discovered that you’re pregnant, gradually withdraw and cease using it until you finish pregnancy.

To summarize, taking kratom during pregnancy presents a lot of risks to the baby and ultimately to the mother. Since the mother and the baby are connected, whatever the mother consumes affects the baby.

Are you pregnant? Or, is your sister, wife, or mother pregnant and using kratom? Tell your loved ones that it is not safe and it is indeed risky. Remember, prevention is better than cure.

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