Kratom and Kava: Learning About This Mix

Kratom and Kava: Learning About This Mix

People love to mix stuff like rum and coke. That’s the reason why people loved alcohol more though it doesn’t taste good in the first place. But that’s alcohol. You’re here because of the kratom and kava.

You might’ve heard of friends or relatives who tried this mix and you’re curious about it. The reason why people use kratom is because of its a pain reliever and a mood enhancer. But, you probably wanted to give kratom and kava a try.

Before you get some mixing going on, you first know some important facts about kava.

Kava of the Pacific Islands

Kava is shrub native from the Pacific Islands. It has been part of the culture of the people from the Pacific like the countries of Hawaii, Fiji, Tonga, and Vanuatu. Kava has been part of the social and religious rituals and ceremonies that the islanders practiced.

Aside from that, kava also became part of the medicinal treatments of the people from the region. The rich cultural history of kava gives this plant a special recognition in the Pacific Islands. The star of the night for kava is not the leaves but actually its roots.

The root and the stump of the kava plant are grounded, and the powder is the end product that is used by the people. Kava is known to be an alcohol alternative. It provides the side effects of alcohol but it is non-alcoholic.

Kava brings calmness and euphoria to the user. It brings social relaxation which is the same with what alcohol brings. It also aids people with sleeplessness and it is best for those who have mild anxiety, stress, and muscle tension.

People who have been using kava said that:

  • It is a natural supplement that provides relaxation and calmness
  • It is a good alternative to alleviate anxiety without the use of manufactured drugs
  • It is a natural supplement that reduces stress
  • It helps people who have trouble sleeping or sleeplessness

Aside from those comments, one of the advantages of kava is that it mimics the effects of alcohol but it doesn’t give you hangovers. Who likes hangovers? No one. Kava doesn’t dehydrate the body at the same extent as alcohol.

Kava also doesn’t fill the body with toxins that give the liver a hard time. The second advantage of kava is that it is not habit-forming, thus non-addictive. Your tolerance doesn’t increase over time.

A study in 1995 was completed regarding the effect of kava to reduce anxiety. The findings show that it significantly reduced the participant’s anxiety compared to those taking with a placebo. Aside from that, the participant who took kava didn’t show any withdrawal symptom or dependency on the substance.

The conclusion was that it can be taken as a substitute to antidepressants.

The Kava Kratom Mix

Kratom and Kava: Learning About This Mix

Well if it is not for the KK mix, you’re probably not reading this. But so much for kava. Kratom is well-known for its euphoric and pain relief effects. At certain doses, kratom can give a person euphoria to extreme pain relief or relaxation.

The kratom and kava mix is cocktail of pure heaven. That might be a big statement, but you should ask why. Both kratom and kava provide the calming and relaxing effect. They also provide euphoria and can reduce depression and anxiety.

The relaxing effect of kratom and kava doesn’t make you feel lethargic. It also gives energy. It is said that the kava kratom mix maximizes the effects of both substances, giving the user the best experience.

This mix enhances the mood by boosting the serotonin and dopamine levels in the body. It also increases cognition and alertness. If you are suffering from chronic pain, the kava kratom mix can help alleviate the pain.

If you drunk kava and kratom and your friends are calling you for a night out, just say no. You could join if you can resist not drinking alcohol. But take this as a warning. Drinking alcohol after taking kava and kratom can cause cirrhosis of the liver.


Kava and kratom is a good mix. However, you should remember to take kava and kratom at safe doses. Do not try to overdose yourself if you’re not feeling the effects.

Always remember that too much is not good. Use kava and kratom only when needed. If you feel undesirable effects, discontinue the use of kava and kratom and go to the nearest hospital to prevent any adverse effects to your body.

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