Is Suboxone Kratom Combo Useful for Opioids Withdrawal?

Is Suboxone Kratom Combo Useful for Opioids Withdrawal?

Kratom is an herb also known as Mitragyna speciosa, a family of coffee plants that is indigenous in Southeast Asia.  It is one of the best substances that offer relief from any withdrawal symptom, especially from heroin and other opioids. Although it is not FDA approved, those who have experienced its effect claim that it is safe and it effectively minimizes withdrawal symptoms.

Compared to any other agents, its usage has been promoted to reduce the effects of withdrawal, such as the following:

  • anxiety
  • ill-feeling
  • insomnia
  • cravings
  • heavy sweating
  • fatigue

Taking this medication reportedly give a euphoric feeling to those who have decreased energy, lessens anxiety level, etc.

According to some users, there is no adverse effect of either of these agents to a person when taken all together. They are both fantastic in reducing the symptoms of withdrawal.

That is why many individuals believe that the intake of this medication reliably benefited those suffering from such symptoms.

Even if the patient is taking suboxone, this won’t give a negative reaction. Instead, their effects are synergistic with each other. This means that the effectiveness of these medications is essential in treating withdrawal symptoms.

How Kratom Works Well When Combined with Suboxone Medication?

According to some reviews, kratom indeed gives relief to the symptoms of withdrawals from OxyContin, heroin and other opioids substances even to strong opioid replacement medications like methadone and suboxone.

The mechanisms on how suboxone kratom combo works can be seen clearly; first, suboxone acts as an opioid antagonist that refutes the effect of opioid on receptor cells. Second, this kind of medication, when taken orally, will bind to MU receptor cells that have high affinity, and this prevents the side effects of opioid on affected receptors.

As a result, combing these agents will lead to the decrease of the severity of withdrawal effects by blocking the GABAergic pathways to limit hyperactive state. One of them promotes the release of enkephalins, which suppresses the pain receptors.   This can be seen by anxiety and pain sensation reduction since the stimuli are being prevented.

To counteract the symptoms of ill- feeling, kratom will neutralize the dopamine neurotransmitters, thereby decreasing its level. This creates a euphoric feeling.

Aside from that, insomnia can be treated by increasing melatonin levels which trigger sleepiness, thus promotes enough sleep.  While there is no clinical manifestation of negative effect when combining these substances, taking them together can have positive effects on treating withdrawal conditions.

The Proper Dosage of Suboxone Kratom Combo

Is Suboxone Kratom Combo Useful for Opioids Withdrawal?

To know the exact dosage recommended when taking the suboxone kratom combo, individuals must be aware of these requirements.

  • Know exactly your precise weight.
  • The overall well-being must be considered. This is because any underlying medical condition may somehow affect the potency of these medications.
  • You should also know the severity of your addiction. Doing so will calculate whether or not your dosage will be higher or lower.
  • Evaluate the rigorous effect of withdrawal symptoms.

These aforementioned factors are important in the dosage management. This is because it can affect the amount of intake.

For instance, if the withdrawal symptoms that a person feels are already severe, the dosage should be increased. If it’s moderate, then the dosage is minimal. Overall, a higher dosage is needed once the condition is severe.

Precautionary Measures Needed When Taking These Medications

Both agents, when taken abusively, might lead to tolerance and dependence. It should, therefore, be regulated to avoid any untoward therapeutic reactions.

While there is no exact cure for addiction, treating this condition can be successful. Do not take any of these substances if you are taking any maintenance medications of such illnesses.

Aside from that, the proper dosage of kratom when taking in a powder form will range from 3 to 9 grams. Any level below this dosage has euphoric level while above 5 grams has an analgesic effect. Of course, you need to take this medication 4 to 5 hours after taking suboxone.

Is There Any Possibility of Overdosing from This Combo?

You must remember that taking too much is considered harmful. Since there are no approved therapeutic claims with regards to Suboxone Kratom combo, taking this with other substances need careful consideration. This means that any abusive intake may lead to intoxication or worst, death.

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