How to Experience the Green Malay Euphoria Plus the Alternatives

How to Experience the Green Malay Euphoria Plus the Alternatives

One of the questions that a kratom user will always ask is about the Green Malay euphoria.

But what is euphoria? Why people find this feeling in taking a strain?

Euphoria is defined as extreme happiness or confidence.

A lot of people who suffers from depression or psychological drawback opted to take kratom to enhance their mental state.

The Green Malay is a strain known to provide an extraordinary euphoria. Based on the euphoric review scale, this strain got a 9.5 score.

Also, this strain is effective in treating chronic pain, boosting energy, and conditioning the mind. However, if this strain is not available, you can use other strains that are also known to provide euphoric effects.

If you are searching for Green Malay alternatives, read here.

Top 4 Alternative Strains to Green Malay Euphoria

How to Experience the Green Malay Euphoria Plus the Alternatives

  • Yellow Horn. This is the strain rank next to Green Malay regarding providing euphoria. The Yellow Horn strain got 8 out of 10 approvals as the best alternative to Green Malay.

Aside from boosting the energy, this strain is also popular due to its capacity to enhance the focus of the mind. Some users also posted reviews about the Yellow Horn as an effective pain reliever without the sedative effect.

Despite being one of the best strains that provide euphoric effects, this strain is still considered as a ‘low key.’ The said branding is because the effects of this strain will only stay in your body for about 2.5 hours (2-3 grams of intake).

  • Red Papua. This rare strain might not be as popular as the other ‘green’ kratom, but this is not a loser in terms of providing a euphoric kick.

Securing 8 out of 10 in the euphoric review scale, the Red Papua is also known to provide feelings of comfort and happiness to the user.

However, unlike the Green Malay and Yellow Horn, this strain induces a sedative effect. Experts suggest taking this strain later in the day to avoid alterations of one’s daily routine.

  • White Borneo. Another alternative strain that produces euphoric feeling is the White Borneo. This strain is also known as Ketapang, Kalimantan, Jongkong, and Hulu in other places in Asia.

This strain also has a mild intrusive stimulative property that is best for older users. Also, this can enhance the brain’s focus, boost the mind, and resolves restlessness and anxiety.

The White Borneo also holds 8 out of 10 scores in the euphoric review scale.

  • Red Malay. If you are searching for a strain that can give a euphoric effect to your mind, make sure to buy a Red Malay Kratom. You have to remember that this strain has a heavy sedative nature; thus it is recommended to take this later in the day.

This strain is also popular due to its efficiency in boosting the mind.

These are just some of the alternatives of Green Malay regarding its euphoric effect. Just assess yourself first to know what strain is suited for you. Always remember that every individual has a different rate of experiencing the positive effects of kratom.

How a Strain Induce a Feeling of Euphoria to the Mind

The chemicals in the kratom leaves interact with the neurotransmitters and opioid receptors of the brain thus producing euphoria.

The particular alkaloid that triggers the euphoria is the opioid agonist known as the 7-hydroxymitragynine.

Now, if you want to order a Green Malay, make sure to deal on a legitimate supplier.

Top 3 Online Kratom Suppliers That Provide Premium Strains

  • PurKratom. If you want to order premium kratom strains, the PurKratom has complete stacks for you. You can also read reviews of satisfied customers on the company’s website.

  • Coastline Kratom. This supplier was founded just in 2015. But despite being new in the business, the Coastline Kratom already hooked a lot of users due to its quality strains.
  • Kratom Sensation. If you want to buy premium kratom for a lower price, the Kratom Sensation is the perfect site for you. This vendor fronted its products that are cultivated by native farmers.


If you want to try kratom, make sure to do research. You must read reliable articles about the Green Malay euphoria to experience the best of strain.

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