Effects of Smoking Kratom: Is it Advisable to Smoke Kratom?

Effects of Smoking Kratom: Is it Advisable to Smoke Kratom?

Smoking kratom is a much talked about topic in the kratom world. It is often talked about because of both kratom’s harmful effects and positive effects to its users. In this article, the effects of smoking kratom will be discussed as well as if it is advisable to smoke kratom.

A short description about kratom

Kratom leaves came from the kratom plant or the Mitragyna speciosa. It has been used traditionally as medicine and as a recreational product as well. It has been around for 200 years or more.

It has the properties of stimulants and opioids, and you can get the effects of those through consuming kratom or through smoking a large amount of kratom. According to some claims, kratom can have varying results depending on the method you are going to use with it. However, there is still no formal research that can verify those claims.

Is it advisable to smoke kratom?

Effects of Smoking Kratom: Is it Advisable to Smoke Kratom?

There are several cultures around the world which practice smoking kratom. They say that smoking kratom can give you a stimulatory effect like when you are smoking cigarettes. It has opioid-like properties as well which are often compared to marijuana’s effects.

However, people debate that the effects of smoking kratom can only be felt when consumed in large quantities. According to experts, you must smoke 20 to 25 grams of kratom leaves to achieve your desired effects.

Many people around the world agree that chewing or eating the leaves of kratom is more effective in achieving kratom’s effects than smoking it. Chewing or swallowing a few kratom leaves can have more impact than smoking dozens of leaves.

What are the effects of smoking kratom?

Smoking kratom is not very useful in utilizing the effects of this therapeutic plant. However, smoking kratom can give you good and bad effects like increasing your risk of cancer, damaging your lungs and relieving your addiction to an opiate.

  • Relief to Opiate Addiction

One of the positive effects of smoking kratom is it can relieve you from your addiction to an opiate. Kratom has small quantities of compounds that are like the opioid. As a result, smoking kratom can help with your withdrawal symptoms and ease your cravings.

  • Damage Lungs

Since you will need a large amount of kratom to achieve your desired effects, it will surely damage your lungs as cigarettes do.

  • Increase Risk of Cancer

Kratom leaves have an extremely high content of tar, so if you smoke them, they will bring tar directly to your lungs. It will then increase the risk of cancer just like cigarettes do.

What are the alkaloids present in kratom leaves?

Kratom leaves contain mitraphylline, mitragynine, and hydroxymitragynine. If you use kratom through smoking, you can denature or neutralize many of those alkaloids. As a result, they will be useless.

It is more beneficial if you brew kratom into tea than smoking it. After brewing the tea, evaporate the water to make a resin extract. These extracts can either be made into tea or consumed orally.

Is smoking kratom advisable?

Smoking kratom is possible, but it is not an advisable method in taking kratom. Here are the factors why it is not advisable to smoke kratom:

  • It is very costly

To experience the effects of kratom, you will need a more massive amount than when you’re taking it as powder or tea. You can achieve your desired outcomes if you smoke 20% to 40% more of kratom than you usually use when you are taking it orally or ingesting it.

  • It can cause some health issues

If you smoke a large quantity of kratom, it is possible that you can feel its adverse effects like respiratory ailments or problems. Moreover, you cannot use a filter in taking enough amount of kratom. Since there is no filter, it will only make matters worse for your health.

  • It is not that effective

Smoking kratom is a lot less useful than taking kratom through drinking or eating. The reason behind the ineffectiveness of smoking kratom is your system must absorb many kratom alkaloids in your bloodstream for you to feel kratom’s effects.

The effects of smoking kratom can be more damaging than beneficial. You can enjoy the benefits of kratom if you take kratom using other methods. Aside from the fact that smoking kratom is not entirely safe, it is also a very impractical method.

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