Does Drug Court Test for Kratom: Know the Truth Behind the Law

Does Drug Court Test for Kratom: Know the Truth Behind the Law

The court sits to hear and decide cases and controversies. As soon as the person is charged, the court has the power to order or request a drug test to determine if the person charged is addicted to drugs. This instance is common if the accused is charged with acts punishable by law, and the drug test would help the court to determine what comes to the minds of these individuals.

Drug courts are those courts specialized in drug cases. But this term is associated with substances that are clearly illegal. In other words, no matter where you go, and what country you choose to move, these drugs are prohibited absolutely.

The case with kratom is far different and if you are new to kratom, you should understand how it works and whether or not it is legal or illegal to use. It is very important to know its legal status since it pays a huge role in the court at the end of the day. If it is illegal, then you will be charged accordingly.

Quick Summary About Kratom

Kratom was originated from Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and many more. The people who have discovered these strains have also utilized it not only as a medicinal use but also for recreational use. They are aware of the benefits, of course but the innovation of technology has expanded its benefits.

Aside from the benefits discovered by the natives, researchers were able to discover many others. Since people have been using it and have found to be effective, they shared their stories which made kratom very popular. From Asian countries, it expanded to America.

In America, however, kratom has been the subject of controversy because not all States have the same opinion. In fact, there were 6 states that classify it as illegal side by side with other substances which are really treated like illegal drugs even in Asian countries. If you compare kratom with other substances, kratom is always better because it is safer and more effective.

The mere fact that not all states treat kratom as illegal means kratom is safe but lack some information, by which the State that disapproved its use and possession would not risk. There is a court for drug cases but kratom is not one of the substances to be detected.

How Long Does Kratom Affect Your System?

As mentioned above, there is an insufficiency of information with kratom. This is one of the reasons why some States treat it as illegal. Specifically speaking, the half-life is still unknown until now. The drug’s half-life means the exact hours it takes of the active ingredient which is traceable to leave the plasma.

In kratom, there are only two active alkaloids and these are 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine. These two active alkaloids have the same effects to opioids. Therefore, it was treated as a lawful opioid.

Does Drug Court Test for Kratom: Know the Truth Behind the Law

Kratom may last longer, but if you have scheduled drug test, you should not take it for a week to ensure getting a clear result. Unlike other substances, Kratom is better and safer so do not worry about court’s request pertaining to drug test.

Can Kratom Be Detected in a Drug Test?

The good news is that mitragynine was not treated as an illegal substance for drug testing purposes because it was not included in five standard panel drug test including NIDA-5 and SAMHSA-5 tests.

As a final conclusion, the drug court cannot request a drug test for kratom because this strain is not per se illegal just like other common illegal substances. It is not right to say that kratom should be treated as such. If there is a lack of information, then it should be in the middle. It could not also be treated as illegal because several States believed in them.

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