Different Types and Administration of Kratom Drug Test 2016

Different Types and Administration of Kratom Drug Test 2016

You might be wondering if the kratom drug test in 2016 can really detect traces of kratom metabolites. Kratom has been a controversial herb because of its euphoric effects that are similar to the ‘high’ effects of opium. For this reason, even though kratom is not a dangerous drug, most people fear that it may cause lots of problems like tolerance and addiction.

Because of this controversy and the abuse of some kratomites with the kratom’s euphoric benefits, some government officials and agencies are alarmed of its possible effects. In fact, there are some states and cities in the USA that already banned the consumption or sales of kratom products.

Because kratom is illegal in some states, countries, or cities, it is important to know if there is a drug test for kratom or if a simple drug test can detect even a single trace of kratom in the body fluid.

If you are referring to the standard drug test, you may become happy to know that this simple method cannot detect the presence of kratom substances in the system. On the other hand, there are different types of drug testing that you should know.

The Two Main Kratom Component

Different Types and Administration of Kratom Drug Test 2016

Before knowing about the efficacy of a drug test for kratom detection, it is important to know what makes kratom controversial. Kratom contains two main alkaloids which include the 7-hydroymitragynine and mitragynine. These two alkaloids are responsible for almost all the beneficial and euphoric benefits of kratom.

In some states, the use of products that contain mitragynine is illegal, thus banning the use of kratom. These two alkaloids work by working with the opiod receptor of the body that produces the euphoric and sedating effects.

By knowing the two main components of kratom you will get to know what kind of substances that the drug tester will be looking for to identify if you are kratom positive or not.

Different Types of Drug Testing

Different government agencies, organizations, businesses, and institutions conduct drug test to learn if any of their staff, members, or employees are drug positive. The law authorities and the cops also use drug testing.

There are different types of drug test based on the panels.

  • 4-panel
  • 7-panel
  • 10-panel
  • 12 panel

The 4-panel drug test is the most basic. It only covers the findings for the four main controversial drugs which include PCP, THC, cocaine, and opiates.

The 7-panel drug test is the common testing used in a workplace. It includes not just the four main controlled substances but also prescription drugs.

The 10-panel drug test is common in legal areas. Aside from the four main controversial drugs, the examination of six other prohibited drugs is also included.

The 12-panel drug test involves prescription drugs on top of the 10 drug varieties.

There is not drug test that is designed to trace kratom substances specifically. However, the more comprehensive the type of drug testing is, the more that it is possible to find some traces of it.

Kratom Drug Test 2016 Administration

There are several ways for drug test administration.

  • Urine Test
  • Hair Test
  • Blood Test
  • Saliva Test

All of these administration methods can identify some kratom metabolites. However, if in case the government authorities decide to include kratom as one of the controlled substance, the urine test is the most probable method that they will use.

It is because kratom in urine stays longer than the other body fluids. It will take almost more than a week to flush out all of the kratom traces in the body. Moreover, it is not an invasive method.

The hair test can identify if a person has been using kratom for a long time. It is because the mitragynine accumulates in the hair follicles with the prolonged use. The experts can find the traces even after three months.

The blood test can provide more data than the other methods. The method can identify if someone used kratom and how much they used. However, it may be impossible to detect the kratom traces after 24-hours.

A saliva test is only being used for legal purposes. Kratom is not considered as illegal drugs. For this reason, this methods is cannot be used for kratom metabolite detection.

The kratom drug test 2016 is still effective for finding traces of kratom consumption. You do not have to worry about because the traces will not appear in a standard drug test. However, you should still be careful and make sure to let nine days pass before taking a drug test.

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