Comprehensive Answer to the Query, “Is Kratom Legal in California?”

Comprehensive Answer to the Query, “Is Kratom Legal in California?”

Are you from California and would like to enjoy the myriads of health benefits of kratom? Do you have the “Is kratom legal in California” question lingering in your mind?

You may answer a big “yes” to these questions and now is the time for you to learn about the status of the alternative cure in the Golden State.

It is entirely legal to consume kratom in most states, and this includes California. If you live in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Long Beach, and other sections of this part of the West Coast, you can avail and use kratom for your healthful lifestyle.

However, you need to be cautious.  There is one place in California where kratom is not given a welcome reception.

I. Overall Status of the Alternative Medicine in the Society

Comprehensive Answer to the Query, "Is Kratom Legal in California?"

Kratom has gained massive followers. It has been well received in some portions of the society.

However, authorities from the government like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) scientists have revealed that the compounds in kratom possess effects similar to opioids.

The well-known herbal cure has been reported to cause 44 deaths, a marked surge from 36 individuals reported in November 2017.

FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb, MD remarked that kratom is not merely a plant.  He declared that it as an opioid.

In addition, in 2016, the FDA made it known to the public that federal marshals had confiscated at least 90,000 containers of the herbal drug.

The FDA informed the public that the psychoactive herbal medicine derived from the leaves of a Southeast Asian tropical tree called Mitragyna speciosa is a threat to the people’s health.

However, dissenters continued to fight for kratom.  They banded together to sign a petition condemning the FDA’s declaration.

By barricading in front of the White House in Washington, D. C., these kratom supporters, together with the American Kratom Association, have maintained that the alternative medicine could be used to attain optimal well-being and benefit from it being a painkiller.

The FDA is currently doing further research on kratom.

II. City Ordinance in San Diego Makes the Herbal Cure Unavailable

As a massive state in the West Coast, California, offers tremendous variety when it comes to how people would like to receive treatment for their medical conditions.

Kratom is well known and accepted in most cities of this state like Oakland, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

Moreover, California has been known to be tolerant of the advantages of kratom being an herbal cure.

Nevertheless, if you are a resident of San Diego, California, you should bear in mind that kratom is illegal in this city.  Recently, the herbal medicine was prohibited there under the implementation of a city ordinance.

Legislators were recently alarmed about the hazards posed by synthetic medicine. Hence, they implemented Ordinance O-20657 in San Diego to prevent any damage which kratom can cause to the constituents of the city.

The primary alkaloid components of kratom which are 7-hydroxymitragine and Mitragynine were indicated on the statement of the ban.

Hence, to make it clear, at this point, kratom is lawful to be used without restrictions all over the state of California.  But the limitation is in San Diego.

III. Shops Where You Can Purchase the Herbal Medicine in California

Now that you are aware that it is only in San Diego where kratom is prohibited, you may wonder where the best shops are to avail kratom from in California.

Here are three best places to avail the alternative medicine:

  1. Original Harvest

Located in Hollywood, Original Harvest offers premium kratom products.  With a user-friendly and secure website, you can find a wide array of manufactured kratom powder, capsules, and leaves.

They offer door-to-door delivery as well. Declaring their “passion for natural health,” they provide their customers a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee should they change their mind regarding their purchase.

  1. CaliBotanicals

If you are after high-quality kratom powder, extracts, and capsules, you can shop online at CaliBotanicals. At affordable prices, you can delight in their kratom powder which is imported from a popular farm in Indonesia.

In their customer reviews section, you will find plenty of satisfied customers giving them five out of five stars for quick shipment and happiness with the products.

CaliBotanicals also revealed that they have their kratom products tested for mitragynine content. This is to ensure its quality for customer satisfaction.

  1. The Major

This kratom store delivers in most areas in of the Golden State for three days or less. Customers can expect a variety of the kratom products.

The shop also encourages interaction by encouraging their consumers to share their stories of success with the kratom products.

Now that you are aware of the legal status of kratom in California and have the answer to the inquiry, “Is kratom legal in California?” you can now freely purchase its variants – EXCEPT in San Diego.

Kratom offers different types of healthful benefits. It may have a blurry status in some parts of the country at this point, but keeping updated with the latest will help you enjoy the product with peace of mind.

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