Can You Still Buy Kratom Legally in Local Stores

Can You Still Buy Kratom Legally in Local Stores

The persistence of the federal government during the past years in making kratom illegal has made people ask themselves: “Can you still buy kratom legally in local stores?”

Legal Status of Kratom

Years ago, the DEA decided to include kratom in Schedule 1 List. If this decision was approved, the use of kratom becomes illegal.

Fortunately, many kratom users stood up and protested. These people have been using kratom for years. Kratom helps them a lot.

The DEA retracted their decision. So, you can ease your worries. You can still buy kratom in local stores.

However, some states have banned the use of kratom. Here is a list of counties where Kratom is illegal.

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Indiana
  • Tennessee
  • Wisconsin

As of to date, the states listed above are the ones prohibiting the use of Kratom. However, some counties declare the using and buying of kratom as illegal.

An example is California. Kratom is legal in California except in San Diego. The state of Florida allows Kratom in all of its counties except in Sarasota County.

Kratom is also illegal in Jerseyville, Illinois, but is legal in other places in the said state.

Before you buy any kratom products, make sure that your local law allows it. Remember, the US legal system is one of the most complicated ones ever created.

Kratom may be legal at the federal level, but it may not be legal in the local or state level. What makes the system more complicated is that individual towns or counties can enact their constitutional laws.

Risks of Buying in Local Stores

Can You Still Buy Kratom Legally in Local Stores

Now, you have a basic knowledge of how the legal system works in the U.S. But, first, you have to be aware of the risks of buying your supply of kratom locally.

  • The kratom powder might consist of inferior quality.
  • You might experience difficulty in finding a regular supplier.
  • Fraud sellers are a possibility.

Where to Buy Kratom

All right, it is time to find the nearest local stores before your supply runs out. You can choose from these options:

  • Gas Stations
  • Specialty Shops
  • Smoke or head shops
  • Craigslist
  • Online vendors

Smoke/Head Shops

Head shops are your best bet if you are trying kratom for the first time. For long-time users, you can opt for these shops if you are waiting for your supply to arrive. However, these shops might not be the best place to buy kratom.

One, a few shops might sell a “watered down” version of the kratom powder. Two, the prices are slightly higher than the online vendors are. Three, the way these shops market kratom products places kratom in a bad light.

Often, head shops market kratom as something that gives users a “high.” They do not care about how dangerous such marketing strategies are to other kratom vendors. These shops only concern is to sell.

Furthermore, these shops may not even know the type of strain and its effect that they are selling.

Specialty Shops (CBD)

Try finding a CBD shop. Most probably, you would see a few strains in their display. However, the price may also be higher than the online vendors.

One downside is the limited knowledge the shop owners may know about kratom.

Gas Stations

Since kratom is legal in a majority of the states, you might find a few gas stations that sell kratom.


This place might not be the best, but you might find kratom users who are willing to sell a few grams of their stock. If you do not mind dealing with strangers, you can try looking for kratom at such sites.

Online Vendors

Online vendors export kratom products from Southeast Asian producers. Their product is more superior than local stores in your area. Select an online vendor that is operating locally.

Furthermore, these vendors have extensive knowledge about kratom. You can ask or read from their blog about kratom and its effects. You can select from a variety of kratom strains.

Locating a Local Kratom Store

You can locate any local store by trying local directories. The internet is teeming with hundreds of online kratom vendors. Simple research of “kratom for sale near me” would do the trick.

You can also use a kratom locator. It could be an app dedicated to finding local kratom stores.

However, kratom vendors with physical and registered store might be limited. These limited numbers of suppliers are due to the ongoing legal battle on kratom.


Can you still buy kratom in local stores? Yes, you can. However, a few states prohibit the use of kratom.

Be aware of these legal issues before buying any kratom product. If you cannot find a reputable local kratom store, you can always search for online vendors.

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