Best Blue Lotus Dosage for Beginners: Key to Opening Your Mind

Best Blue Lotus Dosage for Beginners: Key to Opening Your Mind

The busy lifestyle we all live today has us constantly chasing after our own lives and never really learning how to step back, take a break, and learn how to enjoy it all just by relaxing the mind. This is one of the major reasons why herbal supplements have become so successful in western culture as they go hand in hand with all the stress and restlessness many of us suffer from daily. And not only has that, to some extent these herbs have made huge waded to help several people who have been enduring chronic pains and health concerns they thought to be incurable.

Today we will stray away from the limelight of other herbal supplements and take a step back to appreciate one that hails all the way from the lands of Egypt – the blue lotus. In accordance to its history, the Egyptians have long applauded and utilized this wonderful water lily for its sedating effects and varying benefits that it could bring to the mind, body, and soul. To begin your adventure we will be discussing the best blue lotus dosage for beginners like you to get started on a brand new experience like no other.

What are the Effects and Benefits Blue Lotus Can Bring?

Despite being quite the historical herbal plant at that, it has proven to still be very effective in the modern day and in fact comes along with so many benefits today’s society can surely benefit. Among are the following benefits you can expect to experience when you partake and use the blue lotus:

  • Sedative, one of its main purposes is to capitalize on its sedating effects that can help almost anyone overcome their stress, anxiety, or most problems to cause discomfort. This specialization on sedation helps users recover and fully relax from any problem that distresses their mind, body, and soul and help them reach a place of peace.
  • Stimulating, depending on the person it could also double-time work as a stimulant able to bring someone’s mood up and help them reach a state of euphoria soon enough. Users have shown to begin feeling warm, have an altered perception on their surroundings, and to showcase a much more pleasant mood.
  • Sexual Stimulant, aside from analgesic and euphoric effects the blue lotus is also more than capable of inducing sexually stimulating benefits for both men and women. The blue lotus has been most depicted in nude scenes of movies which is not far from the truth because it is capable of helping those who have erectile dysfunction and drive.
  • Relaxes Tense Muscles, despite the obvious effects on the mental aspects it is also capable of imparting the same benefits to the physical realm of the body. It can help with aching and suffering muscles alleviating them of fatigue and allowing the user to feel much more relaxed with more range of motion.

Best Blue Lotus Dosage to Start With as a Beginner

Best Blue Lotus Dosage for Beginners: Key to Opening Your Mind

Whether you are starting out or already have tried out the herbal supplement for a very long time, the best blue lotus dosage still stands to be 5 grams per person. Even at before times evidence shows that Egyptians before were also utilizing only this amount for all the wine or tea they would be drinking that came brewed with the mind-relaxing water lily. This is the most optimal dosage to use, which can also be 3ml depending on form because any more would substantially outweigh risks over the benefits you might be getting from the plant.

What Adverse Effects Does Overdose of Blue Lotus Cause?

When you go in blind and mess around with more than the optimal blue lotus dosage then you will start to see why even the Egyptians preferred to keep at 5 grams per person. If you do expose yourself to such recklessness you can expect to experience among the following:

  • Nausea
  • Disorientation
  • Confusion
  • Hot Flashes
  • Extreme Discomfort

With this, you should always remember to observe responsible use in order to steer clear of harm’s way and ensure your safety when using the blue lotus. Keep it at 5 grams or 3 ml then you are sure to enjoy the blue lotus at its finest and receive the best experience possible!

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