Benefits of the Red Vein Kali, the Original Strain

Benefits of the Red Vein Kali, the Original Strain

Kratom has been a staple of the alternative medicine in Southeast Asia for centuries. This substance, which is derived from the Mitragyna Speciosa plant, has been used for anything from pain relief to diarrhea treatment.

In the last few years, this substance has slowly gained traction in the rest of the world. This is of course for good reason. Kratom is known to provide a multitude of benefits with minimal side-effects.

For those who are new to kratom, it is exciting to learn that there are plenty of strains to choose from. These strains do vary in effect and experience. Arguably, discussing kratom strains wouldn’t be complete without the mention of the Red Vein Kali, aka the original strain.

What Is Red Vein Kali?

Kratom can be classified into three basic strains – red, green, and white. These strains are differentiated based on the vein that runs through the leaf of the plant the substance is derived from. Each of the strains produces a unique effect. This is why it is important to determine one’s desired effect before making a kratom purchase.

The Red Vein Kali kratom strain aka the red Kalimantan strain is considered as the original strain of kratom because it is one of the purest forms of the substance. In general, this type is sourced from several regions in Asia; mostly around Malaysia, Brunei, and Indonesia otherwise known as Borneo.

The Red Vein Kali kratom is very popular because it is highly recommended for people who are new to using kratom. Because of its purity, it has just enough potency to achieve the desired effects without being too strong even for beginners.

What Are the Benefits of Using Red Vein Kali?

Kratom is known to reduce pain, improve productivity, and induce relaxation. While all strains provide these benefits to varying degrees, each of the types has its own specialty.

Red Vein Kali for Relaxation

People who are having a tough time relaxing after a hard and stressful day at work or at school would benefit from incorporating Red Vein Kali in their lifestyle. Seasoned kratom users are well-aware that the main draw for this particular strain is its relaxing effects. It reduces stress levels and alleviates tension.

Red Vein Kali for Reducing Fatigue

Aside from stress relief, the Red Vein Kali strain is also known to reduce the effects of fatigue. While it isn’t a strong of a stimulant as white kratom strains, the Red Vein Kali variety soothes the muscles and alleviates tiredness.

Red Vein Kali for Pain Relief and Chronic Pain Treatment

Pain, chronic or not, can be hard to deal with. Productivity drops because pain can be difficult to work through. Thankfully, a small amount of Red Vein Kali is strong enough to ease the pain. Aside from being an effective pain reliever, its effects are also long-lasting.

Red Vein Kali as a Sedative

The Red Bali kratom is known to be a powerful sedative. However, not everyone enjoys being knocked out. The Red Vein Kali strain is a good sedation alternative to other strong kratom strains. The effects of this type are gradual. It is best suited for new kratom users.

How Much Red Vein Kali Is Enough

The effect a person would get from any strain of kratom highly depends on the dosage and the intake. While this statement rings true for the Red Vein Kali strain, this variety is mild enough that side-effects are minimal.

For those who are looking to relieve fatigue and induce relaxation, about three to five grams of the Red Vein Kali should be enough. Experience kratom users can benefit from five to six grams of the substance. If you are suffering from chronic pain, Red Vein Kali is safe to consume in higher dosages. About seven to 10 grams of the Red Vein variety can soothe this kind of pain.

Nevertheless, it is important for new users to observe their body’s reaction to this particular strain. While it is mild, the anatomy of every person is different. It is smart to start with three grams, but it is possible to consume more for better effect.

What Are the Side-Effects of Red Vein Kali?

Benefits of the Red Vein Kali, the Original Strain

The Red Vein Kali strain is one of the mildest and gentlest forms of kratom available in the market today. There are minimal side-effects to this particular type of kratom. Side-effects may include slight dizziness and nausea.

It is smart to practice caution especially if you are introducing a new substance in your lifestyle. Like with most things, moderation is key. If this is your first time to take kratom of any kind, the Red Vein Kali variety is a great strain to start with. Three grams per day is a good enough amount to start with. For a more intense effect of the kratom, you can always consume more.

How Can Red Vein Kali Be Incorporated Into Your Lifestyle?

Compared to Southeast Asia where kratom has been used for centuries, this substance is relatively new to the rest of the world. There is no denying that kratom is an acquired taste. It has an unusual fragrance and can be very bitter especially to those who aren’t used to it.

While there are kratom tablets that people can opt for, there are always ways to use the Red Vein Kali kratom powder without having to sacrifice your palette.

Red Vein Kali as Tea

The Red Vein Kali kratom doesn’t lose its potency when you brew the powder into tea. The bitter taste would still be there. However, milk and sugar would be able to temper the taste.

Red Vein Kali Mixed in Juices

Not everybody enjoys tea. Thankfully, kratom powder can also be mixed into juices. Doing so would completely mask the bitter aftertaste of the substance.

Red Vein Kali to Level Up Your Smoothies

There are people who enjoy having smoothies for breakfast. For those who do, a couple grams of kratom in your morning pick-me-up would do the trick.

The Red Vein Kali kratom is perfect for beginners. If you are interested in what kratom is all about, this strain is your best bet!

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