Beginner’s Guide: Will Kratom Show up on a Drug Test

Beginner’s Guide: Will Kratom Show up on a Drug Test

Before knowing how long does Kratom stay in the body, it is important to understand how it works.

Kratom originated in Southeast Asian countries but was recently introduced to Western countries due to its innumerable benefits. Since people do not know much about Kratom, there have been misconceptions.

This herb is promoted as a psychoactive drug in the U.S. The most active alkaloid in the herb responsible for its effects is the mitragynine. This alkaloid works the same way as an opioid in the brain, thereby reducing your pain response.

As soon as the Kratom’s active components reach the user’s brain, the anxiety and mood will be affected. Since these two will be affected, you will experience the euphoric effect that bears a resemblance to heroin or opium.

What Are the Factors That Make Kratom Stay in Your System?

Same goes for any substances; there are a few factors that influence or determine how long kratom would stay in the system.

Some of the factors are age, body fat, genetics, water, and food intake.

#1 Age: As compared to younger users, older people have a longer half-life elimination.

For older adults, kratom that is orally ingested will have a lengthier elimination half-life compared to young ones due to age-related physical changes, renal function, and other medications. In other words, kratom tends to stay for so long if you’re over 65 years of age.

#2 Body Fat: The body fat plays a huge role when it comes to elimination of alkaloids. As you can see, mitragynine is fat soluble. In other words, you will be able to retain the metabolites longer if your body fat is high.

If your body fat is lower, you will be able to excrete kratom quickly since it will not be stored in the fat.

#3 Genetics: You should know that enzymes and genetic markers play a huge role in the elimination speed of kratom from the consumer’s body.

#4 Water and Food Intake: There will be faster absorption if you take kratom with meals that are high in fats. Hydration also plays a huge role in determining how long it would take for the strain to be excreted.

#5 Personal factors: These factors include urinary pH, metabolic rate, or renal function. These factors are present with other substances.

The type of strain you consume will depend largely on the duration of the strain that is staying in your system.

So, Will Kratom Show up in a Drug Test?

Beginner’s Guide: Will Kratom Show up on a Drug Test

The main reason why many people choose kratom over the others is the belief that Kratom will not show up on regular drug tests such as SAMHSA-5.

Some alkaloids, however, are detectable on specific tests, such as blood or urine tests. There is a kratom 10-panel test specifically used to detect Katom.

Urine Tests: Some alkaloids may show up on urine tests. If you are taking Kratom at low doses, it will be detectable a week after.

If kratom is categorized as illegal throughout the U.S., then urine testing will be the preferred method over others.

Blood Tests: This test will show its concentration levels to determine if you took kratom. If you are an experienced, veteran, or a long-term user, metabolites in the blood tests will possibly show up for several days after ingestion.

Since blood tests have a shorter window, they are considered to be more invasive.

Hair Tests: Hair follicles testing is considered as a reliable way of determining whether or not you are using substances. However, with kratom, there is no evidence that its metabolites would show up in hair follicles.

Saliva Tests: Oral fluid testing is used to examine different types of drugs. Since Kratom is not an illegal drug, this test is not commonly conducted.

How Long Does It Take for Kratom to Take Effect?

If you take kratom, the effects will begin 15 minutes after, and the effects of kratom will last for two hours. If you take higher doses, the effects will possibly last for eight hours.

If you take it on an empty stomach, the effects of kratom will be increased or intensified. However, it is encouraged to take Kratom with a full stomach. Studies have shown that taking Kratom on an empty stomach will lead to nausea, vomiting, and dizziness.

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