Akuamma Erowid: Benefits, Uses, and Dosage Guide

Akuamma Erowid: Benefits, Uses, and Dosage Guide

Been hearing about akuamma erowid and wondering what it is all about?

There has been a rise of new herbal and medicinal plants that can potentially have countless health benefits. While not all of them are FDA approved as a therapeutic or food supplement, the number of people using them has increased over the years. Take kratom, for example, its popularity as the new marijuana has risen dramatically.

Now, there are the akuamma seeds people are murmuring about. Let’s find out what it is and why are people using it.

What Are Akuamma Seeds?

Akuamma seeds are an herbal medicine commonly used around some parts of Africa. It is very rich in alkaloids which makes the seeds highly effective in temporarily blocking the pain receptors in the brain.

Akuamma seeds have become popular because of the benefits it can provide such as anti-inflammation, relaxed muscles, and treatment for various conditions like diarrhea and ulcer.

Akuamma can be found in the market in the form of crushed seeds or powdered form.

Is Akuamma Similar to Kratom?

Akuamma Erowid: Benefits, Uses, and Dosage Guide

A lot of people are quite confused about kratom and Akuamma seeds, and when you look closer to what it can provide, it does become quite easier to exchange one to the other. Akuamma seeds and kratom has quite the resemblance when it comes to their effects and benefits.

Akuamma and kratom have these same effects because of the similar alkaloids they contain. The principal alkaloid you can find in kratom is called mitragynine, and the primary alkaloid in akuamma is called akuannine. While these two are different, they both work in a similar manner.

Like kratom, Akuamma seeds have the same awful bitter taste. And like kratom, Akuamma seeds are also helpful for relieving pain, improving stamina, gaining strength, and improving overall health and immune function.

What Makes Akuamma Seeds Highly Effective?

Almost everything Akuamma seeds contain is alkaloids of varying degrees. Combined, they make a highly potent substance. Here are the contents that make Akuamma highly effective.

  • Akuammine

The principal alkaloid found in Akuamma seeds is akuammine, the second most active alkaloid that can bind to the Mu receptor. Akuammine can help lower blood pressure by controlling the circulation of the blood. It is why this Akuamma alkaloid is effective in reducing the stress levels within the body.

  • Pericine

Pericine is another alkaloid that can bind with the Mu receptor, and it can help control or manage the contraction of muscles of the body, providing a relaxed state and feeling.

  • Other contents

Other alkaloids that makeup Akuamma includes Akuammicine, Akuammigine, Pseudoahuammhigine, Picracine, Picraphylline, Picraline, Picranitine, Desacetylakuammiline, and Burnamin.

5 Benefits of Taking Akuamma Seeds

With the varied alkaloid content of Akuamma seeds, it can also offer relief to various conditions. Here are five of the most notable effects of Akuamma.

  • Stress Relief

The contents of Akuamma seed are highly potent in reducing the stress levels of the body. It aids in muscle relaxation and boosting overall health. With its relaxing effects, it can also be effective to few other conditions such as anxiety and depression.

  • Analgesic Effects

Akuamma has long been used as a traditional option for pain relief an pain control and management. In areas where it is native to, people are using Akuamma to naturally relieve pain as opposed to buying over the counter medicines.

Thanks to its analgesic effects, Akuamma has also been used to treat various diseases including fibromyalgia, migraine, recurring headaches, arthritis, and Lupus erythematosus.

  • Antimicrobial Effect

Akuamma seeds also possess antimicrobial properties, specifically, anti-parasitic. It has been used to help fight against the protozoan Trypanosoma which causes Chagas diseases and Leishmaniasis, an African sleeping sickness.

  • Diabetic Support

One of the benefits of using Akuamma seeds is because of its anti-diabetic properties. It can help people with diabetes by aiding in the circulation of glucose.

  • Sedation

Another positive effect and one of the reasons why people are using Akuamma seeds is because of the sedating effects it can provide. It is especially helpful for people with problems in sleeping and other sleep disorders like insomnia.

Taking Akuamma seeds 30 minutes before sleeping time can help the person fall asleep faster and maintain a peaceful sleep all through the night.

Possible Side Effects of Akuamma Seeds

Like kratom, using Akuamma seeds can provide a lot of health benefits and advantages. And like kratom, there are also still a few side effects in taking Akuamma seeds.

These side effects are not really that harmful which is a good thing.

  • Nausea and Vomiting

Especially for people who are taking Akuamma seeds for the first time, the feeling of nausea can be triggered because of the awful bitter taste of the grains. This nauseous feeling can also lead to stomach upset and vomiting.

However, after taking the seeds for quite some time, your body can develop a certain level of tolerance to it and its effects which can now ward off the feeling of nausea.

It will also help that you take the seeds with a welcome drink like tea or juice to mask its bitter taste.

  • A Headache

A headache can only be a side effect when you take Akuamma seeds at very high doses or when you overdose.

Akuamma Dosage Guide

Like kratom, taking Akuamma seeds in right dosages is also important.

  • Beginner Dose

For beginners, it is recommended to start with one seed or 2 grams of the powdered seeds.

  • Average Dose

The average dose for Akuamma ranges from one to two seeds or 2 to 4 grams in powdered form.

  • High Dose

A high dose of 6 grams can produce very high analgesic effects, but it is not recommended to start with a high dose for pain relief.

The effects of Akuamma seeds can start 25 to 30 after you have taken it and these effects can last for 3 to 4 hours. With the benefits you can get from this traditional medicine, it is not a shock that akuamma erowid has gained popularity like kratom.

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