Adderall and Kratom: What Is It and Does It Really Work

Adderall and Kratom: What Is It and Does It Really Work

When you discovered Kratom, you probably are just consuming in small doses. Then, you started to increase your dosage. But, you probably want to experiment a bit and combine Kratom with other substances.

And that’s why you’re reading this, right? You might’ve come across about “Kratom and Adderall.” Now, you’d like to give a try, but you want to cautious and research about it first. Well, this article will provide you with necessary information about Adderall and kratom.

Getting to Know Adderall

Adderall is not a familiar drug for most people. Have you heard of this drug? If not, then you’re not missing out something. Adderall is not your regular over-the-counter drug that you can use to treat a simple cold or fever.

Adderall is a drug brand that is used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). You read that right. So if it is a drug medicated to ADHD patients, you cannot just buy this without prescription.

It is a combination of two stimulants, amphetamine and dextroamphetamine. Apart from ADHD, this drug is also used to treat narcolepsy, a neurological disorder that creates an irregular pattern of sleepiness and wakefulness.

However, Adderall can be harmful to the user if taken at abusive levels for it can increase the risk of other mental health problems like depression, bipolar disorder, and aggressive or hostile behavior.

Before you experiment on Kratom-Adderall combination, make sure that you don’t have a previous health issue that would prohibit you from taking Adderall.

The Adderall-Kratom Concoction

Both substances have psychological effects that could affect your mood. Depending on the strain of Kratom you will be using, the effect of the Adderall-Kratom mixture can be different. But in general, the two act as stimulants at low doses.

The Adderall-Kratom combination brings the best of both worlds, from the energy boost of Adderall and the calmness effect of Kratom. The drug combination will give you a euphoric feeling if taken at a moderate level.

The Chemical Partnership of Adderall and Kratom

If you’re thinking of mixing Adderall and Kratom, then you’re probably getting the concept partially correct. The reason why some people take Adderall and Kratom is mainly that of the effect of the substances.

People who take Adderall experience a boost in energy and this energy boost is good for doing daily tasks. Students can use this drug effect for studying and reading. Employees can use this energy boost to enhance their work efficiency.

Adderall and Kratom: What Is It and Does It Really Work

But, at the end of the day, people need to take a rest. You need to sleep. But, oops! You can’t sleep because of Adderall. You’re too awake and energetic to sleep. That’s where Kratom comes in. Kratom can help you calm down and make you feel relaxed.

It can help you prepare for bed and make you feel sleepy. Also, some users prefer mixing Kratom and Adderall. But why?

Some people don’t really need the full energy boost of Adderall. They want to reduce the effect of Adderall and have an energy boost at needed levels.

Important Things To Remember

Always remember that Kratom and Adderall are drugs that affect you psychologically. It can affect your brain and change your disposition. In light of that, the drug can turn against you and make you addicted to it.

High levels of Kratom can induce opiate effects. Too much Kratom is dangerous for you. Never go beyond the desired dosage of Kratom. Adderall has many side effects. Take this drug as prescribed by your doctor.

Kratom is natural but can be dangerous if taken at high dosages. Keep track of your dosage and time of intake.

Below are several precautions:

  • Don’t sniff Adderall for it can cause necrosis of the nasal septum.
  • Monitor your use of Adderall and Kratom for it can increase the risk of addiction.
  • Taking Adderall and Kratom before drinking alcohol is dangerous.
  • Adderall may increase the risk of heart diseases. Take it at recommended levels.

Now, should you take Adderall and Kratom? If you have a doctor’s prescription for Adderall, take it as instructed and mix it up with Kratom to reduce its effect. If you don’t have a doctor’s prescription, don’t take the Adderall and Kratom. Play on the safe zone. For your best experience with Adderall and Kratom, always practice safety.

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