5 Simple Ways to Save Money and Get the Cheapest Kratom Prices

5 Simple Ways to Save Money and Get the Cheapest Kratom Prices

Kratom powder is becoming more popular in the United States. Many people who want to alleviate their pain, increase productivity, or sleep better choose to consume kratom. As such, many of these people are searching for ways to get the lowest kratom prices.

With so many online kratom vendors, finding the cheapest ones might be difficult. So, what are the ways to save money for buying kratom?

  •    Kratom coupons and promos
  •    Sample pack
  •    Bulk buying
  •    Free shipping options
  •    Buyer points

Kratom Coupons and promos

5 Simple Ways to Save Money and Get the Cheapest Kratom Prices

Coupons allow you to save money when buying kratom. Through coupons and promos, you get a discount upon checking out.

Most online vendors offer coupon discounts for first-time buyers. Another way of getting coupons is by subscribing to each vendor’s email list.

Some vendors may also offer anniversary coupons. The key to getting these coupons is to watch out for them. Visit your favorite online kratom vendor often to check out any promotional codes or coupons.

Sample Packs

Many online vendors offer sample packs or starter packs. Some vendors include starter packs in their buying options.

Buying these starter packs is an excellent opportunity to be able to try other strains. Most sample packs contain four different strains. The specific strains included in the starter pack may vary from one vendor to another.

Some vendors will let you choose the type of strain to include in the sample pack. Usually, each sample pack from a vendor contains 18 strains.

Most likely, vendors won’t let you choose the strains, but they will give you other sample packs with different strains. Check the type of strains included in the pack to ensure you’re getting what you need.

Other vendors would offer free sample packs, although you have to pay for the shipping cost.

Buyer Points

Another way of getting low kratom prices is to earn points from your favorite vendor. Some popular vendors who offer rewards points are the following:

  • Phytoextractum
  • Authentic kratom
  • Legitkratom
  • krakenkratom

You can use the reward points to buy a kratom strain for free. Other ways to use the points is to use it for shipping or to pay a discounted price.

Some vendors would send out a free sample to their loyal customers. This tactic is a marketing strategy to introduce new strains that are better than their current versions. Other vendors also do this to thank their loyal customers.

So, it’s rewarding to stick to two to three vendors.

Free Shipping Options

Other vendors offer their customers free shipping options for a minimum spend. However, be careful of unscrupulous vendors who hide shipping costs on the prices of their products.

To avoid this issue, always buy from reputable vendors. Read forum reviews about products and kratom vendors.

You can find an active forum on kratom in online communities. Forums are excellent sources of good and honest reviews.

One great example is the Reddit forums. Kratom vendors are active in these forums. They will try to answer all queries about their products.

You may also find a few coupon codes from time to time.

Wholesale Kratom Prices

Bulk buying for kratom product is the best way to save money on your purchases. If you buy wholesale, you can get discounts.

Some vendors don’t offer discounts despite the bulk order. However, they make it up by giving out freebies. The highest level of bulk quantities is 5 kilograms, which starts at the price of a hundred dollars.

Overview of Prices

Vendors offer prices as low as $1 for sample packs to as high as $20 for a 1-oz pack. The type of strain is also a factor for price differences. Among kratom strains, Malay varieties are one of the cheapest.

The most expensive strains are the gold varieties, Bentuangie, Hulu Kapuas and Riau. Ultra-enhanced varieties are also expensive.

These strains are expensive because of the manner of extraction and harvesting. Ultra-enhanced and gold varieties require a unique method. A particular vendor patents this method.

The Bentuangie, Hulu Kapuas, and Riau are expensive because of the difficulty of harvesting. The environmental conditions to where these varieties grow are somewhat difficult, thus, the rarity. Furthermore, the taste of these varieties is better than the other types.


Kratom prices vary from one vendor to another, from strain to strain. If you want to save money, wholesale or bulk buying is the best method of the five techniques.

You may not save money outright, but in the long run, you’ve saved more than you thought you did. Remember, vendors may also change kratom prices without prior notice.

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